MVITA Consulting

Mvita Consulting offers educational services to enhance student and teacher success and to create a support system for families, businesses, and communities.

The following educational services are available:      
    ♦  Professional Development (middle school through college)        
    ♦  Proram Evaluations and Research        
    ♦  Setting/Self-Assessment Tools       
    ♦  Academic Success Coaching (MyPAC)      
    ♦  Preparation for Reading and Writing       
    ♦  College Readiness and Career Interests       
    ♦  Motivational and Success Seminars       
    ♦  Parent and Community Education Workshops       
    ♦  Management and Organizational Skills
    ♦  Preferred Learning Styles       
    ♦  Developing Emotional Intelligence       
    ♦  Employee Success Attributes/College Reentry       
    ♦  Conference Presentations

We are happy to offer a free half-hour phone consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help you. Please visit our contact page to request a consultation.


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